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Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you

—(10 word story)

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Is it true that straight boys eat footballs for breakfast

yeah everyday, the leather makes them feel more secure about their inability to satisfy women

"men don’t ever face sexism."

wow gee i’m sorry that this joke reduced your pay and made you way more at risk of sexual assault because men face sexism

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  • Random Demon: Your threats mean nothing.
  • Sam: Oh really?
  • Dean: :pours holy water on the demon from flask:
  • Random Demon: AAAHHRGH
  • Sam: How 'bout now?
  • Random Demon: Bite me.
  • Sam: :sneers:
  • Sam: have it your way...
  • Sam: Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus-
  • Random Demon: AAAHHRGH
  • Dean: AAAHHRGH
  • Sam: Oh shit sorry Dean!
  • Sam: Oh my god
  • Sam: I'm so sorry


when you’re talking about something you love and someone immediately starts saying how terrible it is image

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when youre at a concert does it suddenly hit you at random moments that the band are real people and not just pictures on the internet


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